Whaoaaoaaawwo. Whatta night last night.


We went out boozing to this dimly lit super secret pub, secret knock and little door around back included. Our super awesome host Artur took us and showed us the ropes of proper ale-etiquette. Interestingly, Arthur is a Polish immigrant who escaped Poland at pretty much the exact time as I did, we’re even the same age (our birthdays are 2 weeks apart). You can just imagine the incredible stories we shared over the 5 hours we spent here. Off to France right now but we will be visiting him again (and staying at his super deluxe AirBnB). Baden Baden is now easily in the top 10 of the most beautiful places we’ve ever visited. Still have to visit the opulent casino, have a dip in the thermal baths and visit the Fabergé museum.

Thank you, EU.


Did you know that when you travel around the EU you no longer have to do the SIM card and Wifi rigamore. We each get 12GB of data everywhere we go for “free” (well, it’s just part of our country’s data plan which costs just a few dollars per month), no fucking around with the SIM card….just a device reboot when you arrive.

I am switching web browsers.

After well more than 10 years, I can’t believe I’m saying this but I am switching my browser-allegiance to FF Quantum that was released yesterday. It just looks better and it’s considerably faster and smoother. On mobile it’s a no brainer as Firefox on Android supports ad blocking (uBlock Origin) and LastPass.