I am no longer buying cheap crap from eBay, especially cables and chargers.

Anker all the way when it comes to chargers, powerbanks and cables.  

The Alexa Echo Dot was on sale (25 bucks) and it’s considerably better than Google’s offering and of course WAYYY better than Cortana and Siri which are both absolute garbage.

The Dot is a bad speaker but it will do a pinch if you just need to hear some computer sounds (Amalia’s amazingly awesome brand new Intel NUC monster didn’t come with speakers (or even an internal beeper) and this speaker really does the trick).


Insuring a car in Europe.

When I need to renew the insurance on my van I login to a website, click pay with Visa, print a one page PDF….then..that’s it…I am done and fully insured.. Hopefully this type of modern science will reach Canada’s shores sometime soon. In all honesty I don’t even need to print the PDF, I can simply store it on my tablet.

I remember back in the days having to drive over to an ICBC office and have some dope click print and hand me a few pages.  What was the fuckin’ point of that??

Useless make-work programs, nothing more.


Just a quick note about today.

Contractor appointment at 9.

Contractor hangs about for a bit looking at stuff and installing a few tiles.

Contractor fixes one power outlet (only one screw needed to be tightened).

Contractor leaves for lunch at 11:30 after doing nothing.

Contractor comes back 2 hours later with a bleak look telling me that he has absolutely no clue on how to install electrical heating, doesn’t know anything about wiring and proptly leaves with a sad face.

No probless today, new contractor coming tomorrow.  I am not expecting miracles.

At least I didn’t have to spend any money today…which is nice.



“For example, it’s not uncommon for a Tuesday morning coffee break to turn into a wine-fueled lunch that takes over the rest of the afternoon.”  <<<<<<———– welcome to my daily life.