I took Amalia’s AMAZING Acer laptop to get the thermal paste replaced.

Amalia has this 6+ year old Acer laptop (still) that’s (still) the best computer on the planet.  It has outlived everything and it’s still as good as new and blinding fast.  Makes absolutely no sense at all as this thing still boots Windows 10 in about 4 seconds. 

Small issue emerged recently, the fans have started kicking in sooner than normal which means it’s time to replace the thermal paste on the CPU and GPU (yes this thing even has a separate GPU..actually it has 2).  I really don’t want to sound lazy because I could have done the job myself but what is the fuck is the point when the awesome computer shop down the street charges $5/per replacement.

Probably 2 hours of work, 50+ stupid screws and stupid plastic things you have to wedge and remove, complete cleaning inside and out and replacing the thermal compound on 2 chips = $10 cash, including tax.

Doesn’t make sense to me (this is not an easy job).

The fuckin’ guy even took photos as he went along………..craziness.

I am going to take him out for some beers next week…

Thank you for reading this gripping tale.